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Prompts for National Poetry Month – Week 1

For National Poetry Month I will provide you with a poetry prompts for each week. You can try them in any order but do try and write one every day. Remember you just need to write. I hope you will try them! Maybe you will have a poetry book at the end of the month!

Good luck and have fun!

Poetry Prompts for Week 1

4/1: Acrostic: Let’s start with something fun, an acrostic. You spell out a word using the first letter of each line.

4/2: Write about your job in a new interesting way. Compares yourself to a superhero or a perhaps an adventurer. Use metaphors and similes to make it something else. For example if you’re a truck you can compare yourself to sailor on seas on concrete and asphalt. Or if you work fast food you’re a scientist carefully putting different ingredients together.

4/3: Tanka: A Japanese form that is a like a Haiku with a couplet.

4/4: Rondeau: A French rhyme schemed form that is 15 lines in 3 stanzas with two rhymes. It uses a refrain like the Villanelle. Perhaps make this an advice poem or a poem that you are telling how to do something.

One of the most famous examples of a rondeau is “In Flanders Fields” by John McCrae.

4/5: “Regret is Unprofessional” says M, in Skyfall (2013). Write about this emotion. What was the last thing you felt regret for? How does it feel? How would you describe it? How did you get over it? Try using a refrain using what you learned from it or what it’s like to feel regret.

4/6: Write about a poem your favorite song. Try and incorporate some of sounds and rhythms.

4/7: Ghazal: This two line rhyming poem incorporates the poets name or pen name in the last line. There are at least five couplets. They are usually written about love but you can write about what you had for breakfast if you like.


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