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More NaPoWriMo Prompts and Hoaxes

Here’s the site for National Poetry Month – NaPoWriMo. I like their prompts. Instead of just a prompt and a poem, they have a featured participant, a poet interview and one of their poems and then the prompt. It’s a great way to find new poets and poems.

I don’t think that they are related to NaNoWriMo – the National Novel Writing Month site (that’s in November!)

I’ve participated in both and they are both hard although I think trying to write a novel is much harder since you have to continue a story line. Although sometimes just flying by the seat of your pants is a good way to come up with a novel. Back in 1969, Newsday columnist Mike McGrady thought that novels were trash and decided to purposely write something bad and get it published. So he and 24 other writers each wrote a chapter based on a four page outline,” Naked Came The Stranger under the name Penelope Ashe.

It became a best seller.

A similar hoax happened in 1943, two writers created the poet, “Ern Malley.” James McAuley and Harold Stewart wrote sixteen poems and a backstory for the deceased poet and sent it to Max Harris, a publisher of what they considered to be terrible poetry. Pretending to be Ern’s sister, Ethel they wrote a letter and a short biography of his life. Harris loved the poems and published them in his magazine Angry Penguins. You can read more about on Wikipedia.

The result is that while the two hoaxers hoped to bring down postmodern poetry, they helped it by inspiring future poets like John Ashbery and ironically Ern Malley became famous while McAuley and Stewart did not. In fact, The Darkening Ecliptic, Ern Malley’s collection is available on Amazon.

The poems while nonsense are still pretty cool to read. Click here to read all sixteen of them. Enjoy.


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