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Poems, Prose, and Thoughts from a Mudlogger

Poetry Prompts: Weeks 3 & 4

4/17: Write about foreign country you’ve visited or want to visit.
4/18: Write about your favorite piece of clothing. How does make it you feel?
4/19: Write a blues poem. Now it isn’t about being sad or depressed but, “resilience in the face of hardship is one of the hallmarks of the blues poem.”
4/20: Write about your favorite piece candy bar. I saw a blog that had some poets write a short poem on the candy wrapper about the candy inside. Extra points if you can write it on the wrapper.
4/21: Get a newspaper or magazine and black out words until you have a poem. This is called Blackout Poetry. Check out Austin Kleon’s site for examples and instructions.
4/22: Write down a list of phrases or lyrics or lines from other works and pick them at random.
4/23: Write about a parent or parents from their point of view. How do they view things? Their work, their friends, their hobbies?
4/24: Write about rocks or mud. Part of my job is describing what comes out of the ground. For example sand we describe, the colors (clear, off white, frosted), the size (very fine, fine, medium, coarse) the shape (round, angular) and how will sorted it is, meaning how uniform it looks. Well sorted would mean the grains are all the same size.

Be sure to use lots of descriptive words. What do the colors and shapes remind you of? Here are some photos of cuttings of sand and shale for you too look at:




Oil Fluorescence

Oil fluorescence under a UV light. We use lighter fluid to draw out the oil and the colors go from pale white to yellow/brown.

4/25: “13 ways of looking at…” Inspired by the Wallace Stevens poem,  Choose an object and describe it in as many ways as you can but try for at least 13.
4/26: Write about when you were proud of an accomplishment.
4/27: Write a love letter to a celebrity crush.
4/28: Oblique Strategies(subtitled Over One Hundred Worthwhile Dilemmas) is a form of creativity using cryptic instructions and phrases to help you look at a solution for your block. It was originally a set of cards used by musician Brian Eno and artist Peter Schmidt. I really like it because it is sort of like the I Ching. Sometimes you just have to try something new. I think this is good because you’re not doubting yourself. You’re given a prompt and you go with it. Here’s a website and another one,where you can refresh the page and get a new phrase or set of instructions. Enjoy!
4/29: Write an epithalamium, a poem about marriage. What does it means to you? Are you married? Will you get married? If not, to whom would you get married to?
4/30: Write about a time when you started a new period in your life.


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