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David Hicks Book launch, “White Plains”


I was invited too a book launch by my friend and poet, Melissa Studdard. I was home so I decided to go. It was at the Brazos Bookstore downtown. My Uber driver told me I was his first customer ever. That was cool. We had a good conversation (it was a 40 minute drive.)

Melissa 510

At the bookstore Melissa read a few poems, including a new one called, “The Heart is a Muscular Organ” a title she found from Wikipedia article. She read for ten minutes and then David Hicks, a New York author read an excerpt from his first novel,” White Plains.” It’s about a graduate assistant/father who leaves his unhappy marriage and kids during the aftermath of 9/11. He gets stuck in a blizzard and realizes he needs to transform himself in order to be a better father and husband.

The novel is actually a collection of stories that he wrote over a period of years and then realized they all had a common thread and connected them, filling out the gaps. I think the novel will be good since it was made without a plan so it might feel more natural. Sometimes over-planning a book makes it contrived.

Ron and David

Publisher and poet Ron Starbuck and novelist David Hicks.

It was interesting to meet David, since he organized his tour and publicity himself. This was interesting to me. Ironically, he’s touring every except “White Plains.” The bookstore apparently won’t host an unknown author which is sad. It was also nice to see Ron Starbuck, St Juilian Press publisher and poet Leslie Contreas Schwartz (“Fuego”, St Julian Press 2016). She gave some advice on getting started in copywriting.

I look forward to reading this book. I will let you all know what I think of it.



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