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Join Tiferet’s 2018 Poem-a-thon!

It’s April so it’s almost time for National Poetry Writing Month. I haven’t been writing because I have been so busy but next month I will write a poem for every day in April. I hope you will write some as well.

If you are a professional or amateur poet you might be interested in Tiferet Journal’s fourth annual poem-a-thon starting April 1st. If you’re published or unpublished poet you can apply to be one of the poets and help Tiferet  Journal raise funds and you can publish your poetry to a wider audience. The goal is to raise $100. You’ll get to show your work to the world as well as raise money for a great magazine.

Plus if you meet  your fundraising goal you a copy of  Maria Mazziotti Gillan’s Writing Poetry To Save Your Life: How To Find The Courage To Tell Your Stories  and a digital subscription to Tiferet.

Jump start your poetry manuscript!

If you think you might be interested click here and send three poems and they’ll get back to you. Who knows by the end of 30 days you may have some gems that need a little polishing that can be added to a manuscript you haven’t had time to complete. Apply today! You have until April 1st.

Visit Tiferet Journal every day in April for some inspiration and new poems!


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